Forensic Consulting

Areas of Expertise for Forensic Consulting


Clinical and legal definitions of abnormality (insanity)

Behavior modification treatment programs

Behavior therapy techniques (rewards & punishers)

Sexual disorders

Specific Topics

Munchausen Syndrome (fabricating or inflicting medical or psychological symptoms on one’s self, leading to excessive medical visits, treatments, and hospitalizations)

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (fabricating or inflicting physical symptoms on children; a 9% fatal new form of child abuse)

Autoerotic asphyxia practices (often fatal form of self-stimulation or “rough” sex between partners)

Sexual paraphilias and fetishes (sexual attraction to unusual objects or activities), including frottage (pleasure from rubbing) and sexual “addiction” (excessive sexuality)

Stockholm Syndrome (paradoxical attraction to an abuser or person holding one captive; often related to ongoing spousal abuse dilemmas)

Koro (genital retraction fear; previously regarded as a “culture bound syndrome)

Trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling)

Transsexuality (persons with gender identity disorder)

Homosexuality (attitudes, lifestyle, prejudices of same sex orientation)

Least restrictive punishment alternatives in behavior modification programs